About Us
The Agency

Kelssi is a collaborative agency of digital design professionals with the objective of helping Small and Medium-sized businesses to leverage the power of their brands and corporate communication by providing them with high-quality visual content.

As we understand how much SMEs struggle with their financial management and the lack of quality service options that can fit into their budgets, we created Kelssi to address this disparity, building a connection between quality and cost-effectiveness. By taking a flexible and agile approach to our business operations, we are able to offer a high-end professional product at an affordable price.

We operate internationally, and considering our business operation model we have decided to base our agency virtually rather than physically, as we understand that the high costs of a physical office are unnecessary expenses that only hinder a more affordable budget for our customers.

Kelssi offers a range of digital design services to meet your needs, including:

1. Web Design

2. Brochure Design

3. Catalogue Design

4. Corporate Presentation

Here at Kelssi, we understand the challenges that small businesses face in keeping pace with digital communication and we recognise the need to present a high-quality digital image to compete in this highly competitive market place.

Our team is committed to working hard to ensure that you have access to an excellent standard of digital design services which will enable you to present your products and services in a way that they can compete for your customers’ attention.

By ensuring that each commitment that we undertake is a bespoke creation individually designed, we are able to produce an exclusive solution tailored to your personal and organisational requirements.

As an on-line business with a range of language skills, Kelssi is able to offer services across Europe and abroad with a personalized and flexible approach.

The wealth of expertise here at Kelssi enables us to offer you the benefit of both digital design skills alongside a detailed understanding of how businesses work and what they need to succeed. As a team, we are passionate about offering SMEs an affordable opportunity to access high-quality digital design solutions to promote their business.

Our agile approach and diverse team of specialists enables us to work flexibly on each project and offer high-quality professional solutions for all budgets. We can offer a range of pricing options including fixed fee or hourly rate packages to meet your needs and budget.

So why not get in touch with us today to discuss your project and see how we can help you showcase your brand and business in the way they deserve to be seen.


Knowledge at work Powered by Confidence

We are constantly updating our knowledge for stronger capabilities and to offer a next-level design solution far more advanced than legacy practices.


Our Commitment Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment is to provide satisfaction to our customers and deliver a high-standard design service with efficient customer support at all levels.


Our Core Values Strong Foundation

Our policy is based on fundamental values such as ethics, honesty, integrity, respect and morale, and they serve as foundation for our work.


Supportive environment Diversity and Equality

We believe that everyone can make a contribution and we welcome different opinions. We promote a supportive and ethical environment for equality.

How it works
Simple Steps
Get in touch

We will review your enquiry and contact you to get more information about your project idea and goals.

Discuss your idea

We will be discussing the feasibility of your project and identifying the best digital design solution for you.

Start your project

After everything is set and we have your approval, we will start to design your new digital communication.